Why Doesn't Youtube Have A Repeat Button


According to YouTube Video Marketing Services.YouTube pays uploaders who are willing to have ads featured in their videos based on the number of views they have.

So, if there was a 'repeat' button, they would need to design a system in which can tell if a video is actually being re-watched this many times, or whether it's a malicious tool used to manipulate YouTube views to get a bigger payout for channels who have vested interests in more views.


This would cause a lot of trouble on YouTube with creators, with new strict regulations in place - it would be an issue which Google's Adsense system would not want to expose itself to, but rather let third party services like YouTubeRepeat offer a 'repeat' service' since they still gain a view in this way.


As general creative content(video) consumers, we might find the need to put (say) good musical content on repeat. But YouTube is far more about targeted advertising. Putting videos on repeat would give the content creators good profits and heavy losses to the investors who invest in ads.

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According to YouTube Video Marketing Services. As general creative content (video) consumers, we may need to replicate (say) good music content. But YouTube is much more about targeted advertising. Content creators will make good profits on repeat videos and huge losses to investors who invest in advertisements. If YouTube could place a repeat option and create a session of "repeated video watch" equivalent to just one ad performance, the investor would not suffer and it would also be fair on the profits of the creator, but YouTube, the medium suffered. Will happen. I mean hosting the video for so long without any profit. That would be a loss, wouldn't it? So it's all about money and business. I suggest you use a third party website that automatically does the duplication for you.


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