Do YouTubers Make Less Money If You Skip The Ad Immediately


According to Youtube Channel Promotion Service Absolutely Yes!… But continue reading to know why there's a BUT

  1. Long Video Ads with more than 5 seconds of playtime:
  2. Short Video Ads of only 5 seconds:

Well, YouTubers are not paid on the basis of how many impressions they are getting. They are paid on how many clicks they generated against those impressions.

So how do they earn? Well, it’s quite simple, the more impressions they get, the more are the chances of getting clicks on those ads. Furthermore, due to Google AI, they show such ads to Google that are more relevant.


So that’s how they generate money, doesn’t matter if you skip it or not.


I hope this helps and didn't get you confused… ask any questions if you feel confused about anything.

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