I Think you should follow below step to make your videos Viral I Create a Unique Video, Play On Emotions, Reach Out to Similar Brands, Find the Right Keywords,You can hire Youtube marketing Agencies.

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It all depends on your video and the viewer retaining on that video. Watch YouTube's system gives every video uploaded to YouTube a chance. Below are some of the reasons why videos have gone viral on YouTube:

Audience Retaining: The first reason why your video goes viral is that your video should be viewed by at least the same number of subscribers of your channel till the end.
Subscribers: The more subscribers your channel has, the more likely your video is to go viral
Share: More people who share your video will also help your video go viral
Likes: The more likes you get on your video, the better the YouTube algorithm will be able to understand that viewers are liking your video and it will automatically show your video in the suggestion list.
Remember earlier I said that YouTube gives chance to every video. So make your thumbnail interesting so that people click on it, then make sure to make your video interesting so that people will watch it till the end, this will allow them to like and share your video. Bringing more people to your video will eventually make it to the trending list and later go viral.

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