Youtube has been widely responsible for bringing about this change from the human to the machine oriented age and thus it is also the home to a large amount of people’s livelihood. Therefore it is of utmost importance that we give the influencers of today some extremely simple yet very effective ways of promoting their Youtube channel.

  1. Work of your Youtube SEO – SEO improvement can start with the very basics of your channel like completing all the required info like the contact information and everything else that is being asked of you. Apart from that there are a few other things you can do to improve the SEO of your channel.
  • Write a channel description- First impressions last. So make sure you beef up the description with everything that you want to tell youtube about yourself as this is the first thing that the users will se when the view your content.
  • Upload a Channel Trailer- Make sure your channel trailer is eye catchy so that it can be used to reel in the viewers into your channel and in turn lead to more subscribers.
  • Use Hashtags- tags are the most common way that people use to search or browse through content so make sure the tags you use are trending and can be used to garner some more attraction for your channel.
  1. Attractive Thumbnail- Most of the people are attracted to a video due to it’s thumbnail, after the title it is the single most important tool for generating views for a video since it is the thumbnail which plays on the users mind and convinces him to go through the video rather than just skipping it.
  2. Make Playlists – Playlists are an important factor and make your account look more organized and periodic since all the different topics aren’t clustered together and are divided into separate fields altogether. This shows your determination and makes it easier for the viewer to find all the content related to a subject in a single playlist.
  3. The Right Title- An instrumental factor between just a scroll by and an actual view is the title of the video, make your titles so irresistibly charming that the user can’t help himself but play the video. Asking questions or quoting one liners are some ways of doing the same.

We hope these ways were helpful in garnering some massive attraction for your channels.


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