Which Is Better SEO Or PPC?


Is PPC is better than SEO ?

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For every New Website or any niche SEO matter a big role.

Because of how many times you can do PPC.

If you are serious about organic rankings you should know SEO. If you can do this in a better way you don't need any PPC

PPC is very much helpful in generating leads by targeting the right audience.

If you are in a high competition niche, you will not be visible in Google SERP Now you need your campaign in PPC The best part about PPC is that if you apply the PPC campaign right away, you can catch traffic right away.

But, listen to this-

PPC is the shortcut and fastest way to generate leads and it's a money game. 

And often people fall prey to marketers' marketing tactics through ads.

But, in the game of SEO, people reach out to sellers and buy without the influence of any marketing.


Because they trust the seller.

Why they trust?

Because they are not forced by anyone to buy the product.

They buy because they needed the product and they were looking for it.

I believe SEO is good if you are not in a high competition niche.

 You can do SEO and rank in SERP And the best part about SEO is that you get Free organic traffic without all your leads and marketing costs.

 At the end of the day, apart from the costs of a website, SEO is free, BUT there are no shortcuts. It is a set of efforts that collectively and over time will improve your ranking and visibility.

Are you sure you need the SEO service for your business?

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What is the importance of SEO? 
The present trends are all about online marketing and business. Any business, whether it is small or large, has a website. Website is your online address where people can search for you and the services you provide & how can people search on the Internet? Not everyone knows about you. People use search engines to find information and services online. They type some keywords in the search engine bar to find something. And Google Robots show the most suitable results according to different ranking factors.
This is where SEO comes into play. If your website is well optimized for SEO perspective then you will have better chances of ranking higher. A higher ranking means more traffic. And when you get higher traffic sales and conversions. High ranking comes only when you have fully optimized your website. So you can't ignore the importance of SEO. SEO brings you organic ranking and traffic. All you have to do is use different tips and strategies to get a higher rank.

pay per click
Pay Per Click (PPC) is all about improving your visibility in top search engine pages by payment methods. Every time someone clicks on your paid page you have to pay a certain amount.
In other words, it's all about getting paid for the traffic that comes to your site. Search engine marketing is a part of PPC and is the most popular form of paid advertising.  The fight between SEO and PPC is very competitive. If we compare both can give you good results in different situations and contexts.


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