How Do I Choose The Best Tags For YouTube Videos?


As the experts of the Youtube Video Promotion India focuses on the below aspects such as:


  • Make your 1st tag your target keyword and order the remainder by importance
  • Use some broad keywords that describe the overarching topic your video falls beneath as different tags
  • Use some specific keywords that describe the topics you lined in your video as different tags

Focus Over Below Points as well:

Promote your channel with Google Ads

Target your audience

Make the most of ad formats

Create ads that work

Apply a relevant strategy.


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Make the most of the right tag suggested videos, it increases your listing among others' suggested videos. There are a few key points that you should keep in mind whenever you are adding tags to your videos.

Select Relevance Tags: For example, if your topic is How to Make Pizza! Then the tags will be like - Pizza recipe, Pizza making, Pizza making, Cheese, How to make etc.
Check out their contest channels, what kind of tags they're using, choose the top 5 videos on the topic you want to rank for. Now See Common Tags Everyone Is Using
Use short tail keywords
One of the best ways to tag is to summarize your video content in tags in the form of keywords.
Use tags that have high and medium competition on search volume ranking, for this you can use VidIq or Tubebuddy.

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