What The Best SEO Techniques Are For Reduce Bounce Rate?


What the best SEO techniques are for reduce bounce rate?

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There are three main reasons for the high bounce rate.

The website is not accessible, content is not readable.
Not relevant to user’s search query (organic traffic, paid search traffic)/ interest (display marketing, email marketing)
Web pages are not interconnected properly.
 There are  A few steps follow to reduce the bounce rate of your website you need to do 

  • Reduce load time: websites that have more than 3 sec, have a 40% abandonment rate.
  • Put a clear image, text in good structure, with readable fonts and colour.
  • Keep unique information for your products like price, name, cart button, short description, rating and images above the fold.
  • Put up-sell and related products on every product page.
  • Before running your marketing complaints, identify your target audience based on interest, gender, Geolocation etc, who may be interested in your products, don't run campaigns blindly.
  • In your analytical report check your page report and identify the pages with the highest bounce rate, try to know what is making visitors leave the page, there might be a link to an external website that leads the visitor to exit the page, remove such link.


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