Re: Which Is The Best Free Ecommerce Platform To Launch An Ecommerce Store?


Hi quality1,
I think you are right as per the user friendly and security purpose Magento is Good, If you are not Good In Magento so I Suggest you to go with [b]Opencart[/b]. Open cart is also a Good CMS you can get  eCommerce features in it and there are also many plugins which is free of cost.


[b][size=14pt]Front End Feature:[/size][/b]

• Unlimited Categories
• Feature Product Listing
• Product Image Zoom in Zoom Out
• Product Rating
• Several payment gateways Plugins
• Multiple Currencies Support
• Product Feedback, Rating and review
• Unlimited information pages
• Discount coupon system
• Affilated Account Management
• Search Engine Optimization
• Live Chat Option
• Social Media Integration
• Discount Coupen Manage

[b][size=14pt]Admin Features:[/size][/b]
• Login panel
• World Map
• Add Unlimited Category
• Add Unlimited Product
• Sales Analytics
• Recent Activity
• Latest Product Order Detail
• Downlaod Sales Report
• Multi-store management
• Discount coupon management
• More Plugins

For More Updates you can go to: [url=] CLICK HERE [/url]

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The short answer is there is not a single e-commerce platform that will be considered best by all.

The ideal e-commerce platform will be determined by your goals and budget.

For example, if you are a non-technical individual or small business entrepreneur and want to build an online business without breaking the bank, you can evaluate SaaS platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, WordPress etc.

On the other hand, if you are building an enterprise-level online business and budget is relatively a lower concern, you can look into software such as Magento, Salesforce, SAP Hybris etc.

So this way, you identify a general group of options and then drill down further based on technical competency needed and available, whether you need B2B or B2C features, whether you must consider how well a given choice integrates with other systems, as well as how open and cost-effective it is, as well as the total cost of ownership. The ideal e-commerce platform will be determined by your goals and budget.


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