What Are Use Of High PR Sites In SEO?


what are use of high PR sites in SEO?

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Benefits high PR sites:
Rapid improvement in search engine ranking
Improved visibility
Brand exposure
Increased number of visitors to the website
Potential backlinks.

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Marketing channels in today's digital age have huge missed opportunities.
If you have excellent content (SEO) and good outreach (a form of PR), you will be able to achieve 10x results by improving the synergy between the two.
Public relations (PR), when used properly, can be a powerful source of:

brand awareness
website authorization
However, many brands overlook this third benefit and are leaving a huge amount of untapped potential on the table.

Traditionally, PR is the practice of deliberately managing and improving the dissemination of information around a brand or organization and the public.

Many brands use PR to control the narrative about their company and direct the consumer's attention to the aspects of the brand they want to highlight – and even potentially harmful aspects. divert attention.

In the world of digital marketing, we love these benefits as well.

However, something even more powerful can be used for PR. That is something SEO, especially link building, does to increase website authority (domain rating).
Now you are most likely wondering what PR and media coverage can help improve SEO?

The concept is simple: PR generates links and search engines love high-quality links.

Public relations agencies work very hard to get their clients' names out there in the press - web, bloggers, influencers, news etc. These companies aren't cheap, and the work they provide isn't always easy to duplicate.

When you issue a press release, popular magazines will write about your company. They will link it to your website, resulting in a free backlink for your site.

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