Will Your Youtube Channel Ban If You Buy The Youtube Views ?


The simple answer to the question is that No because to Buy YouTube views in India and various other regions will not ban your youtube channel because buying of youtube views has become a part in the digital marketing to increase the ranking and domain authority of the channel by which you can become greater in the market as well. Many time also the youtube company has said that as buying of youtube views is not illegal in any shape or form for any user or client but it should be focused that the there are some tactics which are not in favor of  YouTube's terms of service such as bot views or tricking people to watch a video, but even then they are 100% legal to buy videos views for our channel and also youtube has also ensured that your video will not be removed or delete if you buy any services from any other organizations and other.You can also buy youtube views for your channel by clicking on any of the link described with the post.

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1 Answer

My question is where are you planning to buy them? If you are going to buy fake views or views coming from bots then most likely your video will be removed and it can harm your account.
However, if you are going to buy Views from reputed companies or service providers, your account is protected. The view provider you choose must be fully aware of YouTube's strict rules and policies and their video marketing practices must be 100% legal and compliant with the YouTube Terms.
Usually, the form of their channel promotion is by distributing your video/channel through their private network of social media channels/pages, online web properties and YouTube official advertising platform.
In the end, buying YouTube views is more cost-effective than running the ad itself. It's a little easier and all you have to do is place an order and see the ideas coming. Make sure you choose a provider with a great clientele. If you want views on your YouTube channel or videos, you can approach a good Social Media Agency. Quality Zone Infotech has expertise in this type of work.

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