Re: Is There Any Registration Required For Develop An ECommerce Website?


If you want to start an e-commerce website, then you need following things:

Name: You need to find an appropriate name for your company. A smaller name with good pronunciation is considered a good one. Try to find a name that represent your firm best.

Domain Name: After finding satisfying name, you should register it's domain name. It is hard now a days to find a satisfying name that's domain name is available.

Registration: Once you find best name for your firm, and it's domain name, the next step would be to register your firm to Ministry of Corporate Affairs, for that you need to contact a CA.

Trademark: Once the registration finished, you need to get the trademark for the name you choose to represent your firm, so that no body could use it.

Now you are ready, all your documents requirement must be done by now, and you could go for Branding, Web designing and Web hosting and all the other services you would need to start your business online.

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