Re: What Is The Mean Of Site Bounce Rate?


Before Write anything about bounce rate, we have to understand about bounce rate, Bounce rate is that the Visitor closed your web page without viewing any other page.. If you explore your Google Analytics, you may see a Graph of it.

If you really want to  control your bounce rate so you have to follow some steps:
[list type=decimal]
[li]Your every page should be more informative with attractive images. [/li]
[li]You have set the Goal of marketing[/li]
[li]Avoid Spelling Mistakes and grammatically mistakes in to your web page content.[/li]


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Beware of describing the bounce rate as "instant" - many analytics programs don't have the ability to track how long a user stays on a page and, therefore, refer to a single page visit as a "bounce". will be counted in. This could imply that someone reads a post or article for 10 minutes, then leaves the site and is still considered a "bounce."

Bounce rate can be really good for comparing traffic sources side-by-side to see which provides more page views/visits, but it is by no means a true measure of engagement.

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